The maneuverability of a walker stacker plus the extended reach of a pantograph!


AC Walkie Reach Stacker with Power Steering

3,000lb capacity models with lift heights to 189"

The PDSR combines the tight turning characteristics and low operating cost of a walkie straddle stacker with the flexibility of a counterbalanced truck through the use of a pantograph. This mechanism extends the loads being handled beyond the straddle legs to lift or lower products and can be retracted for compact turns. With the addition of power steering, sideshift, proportional hydraulics, and tilt, the PDSR delivers exceptional versatility and easy intuitive control.

The PDSR Features:

• 24volt ZAPI transistor control with high torque AC drive motor.

• Pantograph extends forks beyond straddle legs.

• Power steering, sideshift, tilt and proportional lift, lower, extend & retract

• Choice of 34"/42" or 42"/50" fixed straddle legs.

• Ergonomic control handle with safety reversing switch and horn

• Industrial battery or 224 AH Maintenace free battery pack

• Battery discharge indicator with hour meter

• Key switch to limit access to approved personnel

The PDSR Specifications:

• Vehicle Type
Walkie Reach Stacker
• Capacity
3,000lbs.@ 24” load center
• Power
24 volt AC electric with ZAPI controller
• Max Lift Height
Masts available up to 189"
• Collapsed Height
Masts available as low as 76.5"
• Fork Dimensions
42" L x 4" W x 1.5" Thick
• Vehicle Dimensions
See specification sheet
• Turning Radius
See specification sheet
• Travel Speed
Programmable with optional handset (0-3.7mph empty / 0-2.9mph loaded)
• Battery Compartment
31.6” x 9.06” x OPEN / 31.6" x 13.1" x OPEN
• Battery Capacity
Industrial battery or 224AH AGM battery pack
• Charger
External or 120v integral to battery pack

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